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Aircon Service and Repair

Your vehicle’s air conditioning system is very important, especially on those hot summer days we’ve been experiencing recently. So, if your vehicle’s AC ever gets busted, it should be fixed right away. At Garageservices4U, a vehicle aircon repair specialist is always ready to troubleshoot and fix things for you. Find out more.

When auto air conditioning systems break down, not only it’ll blow a hot breeze instead of cold air into your car. The refrigerant also leaks. This substance is harmful to the environment, and it’s harmful to your vehicle too.

Leaking refrigerant can damage your vehicle’s compressor or evaporator. That’s why booking an auto aircon service as soon as you spot the first signs of trouble can save you some money. At Garageservices4U, we can provide vehicle aircon repair before the damage spreads, helping you stay cool even on the hottest days.

Air con Repair

At Garageservices4U, our qualified technicians can perform an array of aircon services, from testing and regular maintenance to complete auto AC repair. Located in Luton, we serve all London areas and the surroundings and can quickly diagnose your problem and provide cost-effective solutions.

Aircon Inspection Service

A vehicle’s air conditioning system comprises many different parts and problems can vary from small to large-scale. From annual inspection and performance checks to diagnosis and replacement of faulty components, our highly experienced technicians can fix vehicle AC on both domestic and commercial vehicles. Our vehicle aircon service includes:

· System fan level check
· Blower fan and compressor examination
· Output temperature check
· Inspection of belts and hoses
· Assessment of aging and potential failure
· PSI pressure reading to check Freon level
· AC diagnosis and identification of possible problems with the condenser or internal compressor seal
· Diagnosis of issues caused by wiring, fuses, or faulty switches

Auto Aircon Recharge

At Garageservices4U, our air con repair specialist team can identify any gas leaks, fix them in a timely fashion, and provide auto aircon recharge to domestic and light commercial vehicles including vans, minibusses, buses, and coaches.

Our auto aircon recharge service includes recharging with additional refrigerant to bring the pressure up to specifications and the introduction of fluorescent dye for easier identification and visualisation of any future leaks.

Antibacterial Clean

Your aircon system provides the perfect place for airborne bacteria to thrive. If you care about you and your passengers’ health, you should perform a professional antibacterial clean at least twice a year. Our vehicle aircon service team can take care of it for you, quickly and in a cost-effective fashion.


Air Con Condenser Repair


The air con condenser is one of the most sensitive parts of your system. Installed at the front of the vehicle, it can be damaged by frontal collisions, rocks, or other objects on the road. Corrosion is another enemy of your condenser.

When this component gets damaged, the refrigerant leaks out, and your AC system stops working.At Garageservices4U, we can inspect your condenser, identify, and repair any potential issues. In some cases, the condenser can’t be repaired and needs to be replaced. If that’s your case, our highly trained repair specialist can fix your problems quickly and easily, at a fraction of the cost other service centres would charge.

Service Guarantee

At Garageservices4U, we are specialists in what we do and stand by the quality of our vehicle AC repair services. Our trained professionals are experts at fixing:

· Car air con
· Van air con
· Mini-bus air con
· Bus air con
· Coach air con
· Commercial vehicle air con
All services benefit from a service guarantee; if you have any issues with your air conditioning system after we’ve serviced it for you, just get in touch and we will make it right.

How to Book

Whether your air con is not cooling as it should, or you just want to book a periodical inspection, get in touch. Give us a call or fill in the online booking form. One of our friendly customer service representatives will send you a personalised auto air condition repair quote and will answer all your doubts or concerns. Get in touch today.

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