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Clutch Repair Services

If you’re driving a car with a manual transmission, inspecting your clutch regularly is a must. At Garageservices4U, our qualified technicians are specialists in servicing and maintaining private and commercial vehicle clutches. Find out more.

Consisting of numerous moving parts, clutches need periodic inspection and service to increase the lifespan of your vehicle and avoid big problems. At Garageservices4U, we work with qualified technicians experienced in performing clutch servicing for all types of cars and commercial vehicles.

Clutch Inspection And Adjustment

If you drive an older car model, your transmission may use a belt system that needs periodical inspection and replacement. Newer clutches have a hydraulic system similar to the one on your brakes and need periodical topping up of the hydraulic fluid level.

Regardless of the types of vehicle you drive, our highly trained specialists can perform inspection and adjustment according to the service schedule for your make and model.

We provide high standard services for:
· Car clutch repair
· Van clutch repair
· Mini-bus clutch repair
· Bus clutch repair
· Coach clutch repair

Clutch Replacement

Anything can break, above all when it has many moving parts. That’s why our vehicle clutch service comprises an array of clutch repair works. Our experienced technicians utilised specialist equipment to diagnose and identify your issue.

Typically, wear is most significant on the flywheel, bearings, and pressure plate. Sometimes, we can perform engine clutch repair on the damaged component alone. Other times, you might need a full clutch replacement.

The most common signs that it’s time for a vehicle clutch service include:

· Slipping: When the flywheel wears out, it stops creating adequate friction with the pressure plate. When this happens, you may experience jerks or slipping out of gear. These worn-out signs are likely to be more prominent when you have a heavy load, towing, or when going up a steep grade.

· Sounds: A damaged clutch is typically noisy. If you hear constant grinding or grating sounds when you’re changing the gear, perhaps it’s time to schedule a vehicle clutch repair service.

· Funny smells: Odours, such as that of burning paper, indicate that there may be excessive wear and that you need a clutch inspection.

· Soft pedal: If the pedal feels mushier, there is probably air in your hydraulic system that needs to be taken out. A looser or floppier pedal can indicate a linkage issue. Whatever it is, don’t wait until an accident happens. Have your clutch inspected on time to avoid any potential issue from occurring.

· Sticking: If you have difficulties in shifting gear even when the pedal is pressed all the way to the floor, you might need to replace the linkage or plate.

For some vehicles, these issues could indicate your clutch cable needs repair or adjustment. If your vehicle has a hydraulic clutch, it may need a simple seal or gasket replacing. Common clutch repairs also include resurfacing or replacing the flywheel.

In some cases, though, it could be more economical and reliable to replace the entire clutch assembly.

How Much Does Clutch Replacement Cost?

Transmission systems in general and clutches in particular consist of multiple components that can break. The cost of the vehicle clutch repairs or replacement depends on the nature of the problem and the model of vehicle you’re driving. Whatever the problem, our expert technicians will be able to adjust it for you at a reasonable price. Once we know what we need to do, we’ll tell you how much it will cost before we start work.

Clutch Related Jobs

At Garageservices4U, we can inspect and replace any damaged component, such as the pressure plate, disk, or bearings. If needed, we will replace the entire assembly to guarantee your safety.

How to Book

To book your clutch inspection and services, simply contact us by phone or using the online booking form. Our friendly customer support team will give you all the details you need to know. Conveniently located in Luton, we service vehicles in Luton and its adjacent areas. Get in touch to see how we can help.

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