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MOT Services

Checking that your vehicle meets the minimum safety standards and level of emissions is an annual obligation you have if your vehicle is 3 years old or over. At Garageservices4U, we can take care of your vehicle’s MOT and perform any necessary repairs so that you can get back on the road in all safety.
If you’re looking for a trusted MOT service centre, know that at Garageservices4U, we are an approved and certified provider where you can conduct your obligatory MOT check. Our state-of-the-art test lane is fully equipped with all facilities to test most types of vehicles, including lorries and buses.

MOT Services For A Wide Range of Vehicles

Whether you own a car or a fleet or commercial vehicles, we are authorised to conduct a range of MOT testing. Contact us and enquire for:
· Car MOT
· Van MOT
· Mini-bus MOT
· Bus MOT
· Coach MOT

MOT Check Service Explained

One of the most frequent mistakes vehicle owners make is to believe their car gets serviced during an MOT test.

This test must be carried out every year on vehicles 3 years old or over. During it, we test that your car is safe, roadworthy and that it doesn’t have too high levels of emissions. Current regulations require both private and commercial vehicles to be tested for road safety.

At Garageservices4U, we are fully equipped to run all necessary tests and make sure your vehicle is safe to use on public roads. Our checks include:
· Bodywork
· Electrical wiring
· Battery
· Lights
· Car horn
· Mirrors and wipers
· Windscreen
· Steering
· Speedometer
· Tyres
· Suspension
· Brakes
· Fuel system
· Exhaust
· Emissions level
· Seatbelts
· VIN plate
· Number plates

Class 4 MOT Services

At Garageservices4U, we conduct class 4 MOT checks on all cars and vans with a capacity of up to 8 passengers. Our MOT check service for vehicles in this class takes around 45 minutes, short enough so that

we conduct the test while you wait yet long enough to that you can enjoy a hot cuppa or do some shopping – just don’t forget to leave us the car keys.

Our MOT services include:

· Pre-MOT checks to ensure everything runs smoothly during the test

· Fast and efficient MOT testing

· Any post-MOT repairs if your vehicle failed to pass

· MOT retest

Commercial Vehicle MOT

Besides private vehicle testing, we also do vehicle MOT check on all types of commercial vehicles, including class 7 MOT testing as well as MOT for lorries, buses, and trailers.

An Accurate Vehicle Check-up

We know how important it is to pass all DVSA roadside checks, that’s why we pay extra attention when conducting an MOT test on your private or commercial vehicle.

We start with a general check-up of your vehicle’s structure, making sure the bodywork is free from rust or excessive corrosion, free from damage, and that it has no sharp edges. Then, we check the fuel system for leaks and ensure that the fuel cap fasteners seal securely.

Dependant on age and fuel type, we check that your vehicle meets specific emission requirements and ensure the exhaust system has no serious leaks, is complete and secure.

Whether you’re carrying goods or passengers, our checks also include thorough testing of your seats and seat belts, from type and condition to operation and security.

Exterior checks include the presence, condition, and security of your mirrors as well as a thorough check-up of the condition and pressure of the tyres.


Lorries and buses, including coaches, must be tested each year at an approved DVLA MOT check Authorised Testing Facility, such as Garageservices4U. We value your and your passengers’ safety, that’s why our specialist team conducts MOT checks and services that meet the DVSA’s OCRS.

How to Book

Whether you have an MOT enquiry or need an MOT booking, all you have to do is contact our centre by calling us or using the booking form on the website. Our friendly customer team will answer all your queries and make a reservation. Our clients appreciate the good quality of our services and the testing speed. Get in touch to see how we can help.

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