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At Garageservices4U, we offer a broad range of vehicle servicing. Our highly trained technicians can test, detect, and fix your car, van, mini-bus, or coach quickly and easily. All our work is performed with specialist tools and equipment, executed at a very high standard.Garageservices4U provides private and commercial vehicle servicing at competitive prices. Conveniently located near London-Luton airport, we serve Luton and its surrounding areas. Our experienced technicians deal with all makes and models of repairable vehicles, offering an array of services at competitive prices.

Vehicle Service

At Garageservices4U, we can carry out different vehicle repair and maintenance services in line with their manufacturer’s specification so that any outstanding warranty is not invalidated. We use genuine original equipment parts if required and comply with all brand specifications, to ensure that you get the best service possible. Upon completion, we provide a record of service checks and any parts that was replaced.


We are committed to taking the stress out of the MOT process; that’s why we fully inspect your vehicle before presenting for MOT. Should it require any repairs, our hands-on team will ensure to replace all faulty parts so that you can take your car back on the road without worrying about safety.

Air Condition Repair

We are all so familiar with using the air-con in our cars on both hot and cold days, but only a few people are aware that like all the other parts in a vehicle, the air conditioning system also needs regular maintenance and servicing to work efficiently. Whether we have to re-gas or detect a leak, our professional team is fully equipped to ensure full servicing and repair of your car’s air conditioning system.

Tyres Repair

Whether you’re struggling with a flat or worn-out tyre, at Garageservices4U, we can help fix it. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to detect and repair any punctures in record time, and we can also replace your worn or damaged ones with the tyres of your choice. We offer impartial expert advice on the best options for your needs and budget.

Brakes Repair

There are many symptoms that could identify the poor performance of your brake system. Squealing, for instance, can indicate that your brake pads are worn out. A scraping sound in your pedal could mean that your brake pads are too worn out and may produce damage to the rotors.

A change in pedal pressure could indicate that your brake fluid level needs attention. An imbalance of the brake system performance could be indicated by pulling of your vehicle left or right while you’re braking.

Regardless of what symptoms your car has, fixing the issue as quickly as possible is crucial.

When you notice any of these warning signs, we are here to help. Our expert team can inspect and service your brakes immediately.

At Garageservices4U, we can inspect your brake linings, drums, and hydraulic system, lubricate the sliders, calliper pins or backing plates, clean debris and corrosion, and even do a road test to ensure your car is running smoothly and braking efficiently.

Vehicle Diagnostics

At Garageservices4U, we work with performing equipment that allows for quick diagnostic of your vehicle. Whether you require an exhaust job repair or vehicle smart repair, we can identify, fix the problem, and get you back on the road in no time. Should you need a courtesy car until we fix yours, check out our other websites and book the vehicle you desire for as long as you want.

Commercial Vehicle Repair

Whether you have an executive vehicle or a small fleet of cars, vans, or other vehicles, we can fix all makes and models at our garage in Luton. Services include the most frequently required clutch repair and flat battery repair, alongside a wide range of additional services.

How to Book

At Garageservices4U, we offer a broad spectrum of services to private and commercial clients. We can fix most issues; all you have to do is contact our friendly customer service team by phone or filling in our online booking form. Our representative will get in touch with a list of services and prices, alongside a custom quote for the services you require. Get your quote now.

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