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Tyre Repair Services

At Garageservices4U, we offer an all-round tyre repair service for most types of private and commercial vehicles. Our experienced technicians can inspect and repair both your tyres and your rims, offering wheel balancing and alignment, torn or damaged wheel repair, and tyre replacement for all makes and models. Find out more.

Regular tyre inspection and timely repair of any damages is essential for your safety on the road. At Garageservices4U, our experienced tyre fitters can inspect and identify issues on most types of vehicles and perform high standard tyre service or replacement.

Flat Tyre Replacement

Driving on a tyre that is punctured or continuously loses air can compromise your safety, and you should have it inspected immediately. At Garageservices4U, a highly trained professional will inspect your tyre inside-out to assess whether it can be repaired or needs replacement.

Our puncture repair service can help you to:
· Properly repair any punctures in the tyre’s tread
· Prevent further tyre damage
· Maintain air pressure in your tyre at manufacturer-recommended levels

If our specialists determine that your vehicle needs tyre replacement, you can find a wide selection of tyre makes and models at affordable prices in our brand-new tyre shop.

Periodical Tyre Inspection

A puncture can happen at any time, but you should inspect your tyres regularly even when there is no puncture to worry about. Whether you drive a private or commercial vehicle, you should have the tyres inspected at least once a month.

At Garageservices4U, our fitters utilise specialist tools to inspect for irregular or excessive treadwear, impact damage, punctures and micro punctures, cracks, scraps, and stones and debris embedded in the tyre tread, as well as other damages.

If you experience continuous pressure loss, our technicians may also dismount and inspect the tyre for damage on the inside, to determine whether it needs repair or replacement.

All-Terrain Types Tyre Inspection

At Garageservices4U, we can perform the inspection, repair, and replacement of tyres for all-terrain types and for most vehicles. Our expertise comprises servicing:
· 4 x 4 tyres
· Car tyres
· Van tyres
· Mini-bus tyres
· Bus tyres
· Coach tyres

Tyre repair services performed by our certified experts at our location in Luton include flat tyre repair, dismounting, and inspection of the inside of the tyre, and determination of the inflation pressure loss. Upon inspection, you’ll be informed whether it needs repair or replacement and what are the costs.

Any repair or replacement works will be conducted by highly skilled professionals in accordance with strict industry standards, followed by wheel alignment and rebalancing of the tyre and wheel assembly.

Tyre Rotation

Routine tyre rotation can prevent uneven tyre wear and enhance your tyres’ lifespan by reducing tread wear. This happens because the front tyres experience more stress than the rear ones, as they are primarily responsible for steering and turning. By rotating your tyres regularly, the wear is spread out evenly, increasing the longevity of your tyres, lowering fuel consumption, and enhancing the overall driving performance. To ensure the safety of your vehicle and passengers, get in touch today for a full tyre inspection and rotation quote.

Tyre Tread Depth Measurement

Tyre treads are more than a cute pattern. This grooved portion of the tyre is the one that literally meets the road. Its role is to provide traction, allowing your car to grip to slippery road surfaces in wet, icy, or gravel conditions.

When driving a car with inadequate tyre treading, you risk hydroplaning and losing your vehicle control.

To help you prevent accidents, our experienced tyre fitters can provide proper tyre tread depth measurements and correct any tyre pressure issues for you and your passengers’ safety. Regular tyre tread depth measurement and regular rotation can maintain wear patterns in good shape so that you can get more miles out of all your tyres.

How to Book

Booking your tyre inspection and repair service has never been easier. Give us a call or contact us via the online booking form. Our friendly customer support team will send you a quote and give you all the details you need. Get in touch and ask us for a personalised quote today.

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