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Vehicle Repair Services

Whether you’re driving a vehicle that doesn’t “feel” right or had a breakdown, we can help. At Garageservices4U, we offer a wide range of garage services for a variety of domestic and commercial vehicles, at a fraction of the cost of other auto repair shops.
We know how daunting it is to drive a vehicle that doesn’t feel right. Whether it’s your car or a commercial vehicle, you should have it looked at as soon as possible. At Garageservices4U, our qualified technicians can diagnose and fix most issues on cars, vans, mini-buses, buses, coaches, and other domestic or commercial vehicles.

Vehicle MOT

We also MOT most types of domestic and commercial vehicles. Our MOT lane is equipped with the latest technologies that allow us to ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive on public roads. It usually takes under an hour to carry out the MOT, just the time you need to enjoy a cuppa or do some shopping.

Garage Services

At Garageservices4U, repairing vehicles is more than a job. It’s our passion and mission to fix your car and make sure it’s safe to drive on the road. We cover a broad range of garage services for private and commercial autos.

Motor Repair Services

The engine is the heart of your vehicle, and you should take good care of it. Just like a human heart, it needs periodical check-ups to make sure everything’s running smoothly. When it signals something on the dashboard, you should take it to a vehicle repair shop immediately. Exhaust issues can also signal that something’s wrong with the motor.

Our vehicle repair centre is equipped with specialist tools and technological equipment that can detect most issues; a highly trained repair specialist will run diagnostic tests and troubleshoot the problem at competitive costs.

Automotive Repair Services

If your car has any cosmetic issues – either due to age or an accident – our highly trained specialists can make it look like new again. We utilise the SMART repair technology to remove dents, scratches, scuffs, glass or mirror scratches, and other bodywork imperfections. Whatever it is, rest assured your vehicle will look brand new as you’re driving it out of our shop.

Vehicle Breakdown

What can be more annoying than noticing you have a flat battery and the car won’t start right when you’re in a hurry. There is a number of things that could drain your battery. Perhaps you forgot to turn off the headlights when you parked the car. Maybe you charge the battery insufficiently, or the battery could just be old or damaged.

Whatever it is, we don’t just jump-start your car and send you on your way. Our experienced technicians will investigate the matter, get to the root of the problem, and solve it.

At Garageservices4U, we deal with a wide range of private and commercial vehicles. Get in touch for:

· Car repair
· Van repair
· Mini-bus repair
· Bus repair
· Coach repair
· Commercial vehicle repair

A Wide Range of Auto Repair Services

At Garageservices4U, we offer all-round auto repair services for most types of vehicles. Whether you want to have your brakes looked at, hear weird sounds when you’re shifting gears and suspect it’s your clutch, or have a punctured tyre, we can fix it for you. Our most popular services comprise:

· Electronic diagnosis tests
· Clutch repair
· Brakes repair
· Tyre repair and tyre rotation
· Exhaust repair
· Air conditioning repair

Service Guarantee

At Garageservices4U, we strive to offer quality vehicle repair services at competitive prices. Our staff is fully trained and experienced in troubleshooting a number of common and less common automotive issues, and we stand for the quality of our services. If we service your vehicle and you have any problems with the parts we replaced or work we did, get in touch. We will have a look at it and, if it is our fault, we’ll make it right.

How to Book

To book any of our vehicle repair services or just to make an enquiry, contact our friendly customer service team by phone or via the online booking form on our site. Our representative will get in touch to answer your questions and offer you a quote.

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